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Pibrella Interface

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£10.99 (excluding VAT)
£13.19 (including VAT)




The perfect compliment to your Raspberry Pi, the Pibrella has been specifically designed for educational settings, and makes it much easier, and safer, to connect external devices to your Pi, such as LEDs, buzzers and motors.

The Pibrella has 4 input and 4 output connections, clearly labelled A to H.

The Pibrella includes 3 bult in LEDs, a buzzer and a simple switch.  It also has a power protection built in too, essential to protect your Pi from any power surges from external devices.

The Pibrella pushes onto the GPIO pins of your Pi, and sits directly on top of it.  You can purchase the Pibrella along with a ribbon, so the Pi can be in a case, and the Pibrella attached to the ribbon cable.



MX029 / P4-MX029 / R4-MX029





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