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Infant Computer Bundle

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  • Large, Lower Case Keyboard
  • Large, colourful keys
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Great for Early Years and Infant Computers, this bundle features really child-friendly products:

  • Keyboard with Colourful, LOWER CASE keys - great for children who don't know capital letters yet!
  • Robust, Volume Limiting Headphones - stops young children damaging their ears!
  • Colour-coded mouse - great if children don't know their left from their right!

Save £5 over buying separately!

Large, Lower Case Keyboard


Large, Lower Case Keyboard

Top 5 Educational Benefits:

  • Lower Case keys
  • Bright, attractive & child-friendly
  • Simplified keyboard - just 63 keys
  • Larger keys help young children to press the right key each time
  • Colour-coded vowels, consonants, numbers, punctuation marks and other keys

This lower case keyboard is ideal for younger children, featuring a simplified layout with just 63 keys, rather than the standard 105.

The keys are larger (about twice the area of standard keys), and colour coded, identifying the differences between vowels, consonants, numbers, punctuation marks and other keys. The large, brightly coloured keys are child friendly, helping children to press the correct key each time.  

The lower case lettering on this keyboard makes it an ideal first keyboard for younger children, as they learn the letters of the alphabet.  In conjunction with our Typing Trainer program (due soon), the keyboard can be used within synthetic phonics lessons as an activity that not only helps children revise their letters, but also introduces them to a computer keyboard.

The keyboard comes complete with connections for both PS2 and USB.

Multi-Coloured Infant Mouse


Younger children find that a smaller computer mouse is much easier for them to control, as it fits easier into their hand.

These specially designed infant mice come with two colour-coded buttons (red and blue). So for children that get ‘Left Click’ muddled up because they forget their left and right, you can instead tell them to click the blue button.

Top Educational Benefits

  • Small mouse fits easily into a child's hands
  • Bright and child-friendly
  • Colour-coded buttons

Technical Features

  • USB and PS2 connectivity
  • Innovative Scroll wheel
  • Optical mouse, so no rubber ball and mechanism to clean
  • Button life over 5,000,000 times
  • Compatible with Windows (98, NT, ME, 2000, XP, Vista) & MAC OS X


Volume Limiting Infant Headphones



  • Child-friendly design
  • Built-in volume limiter for safety
  • No built-in volume control
  • Very robust, hard to break design
  • 3.5mm right-angled stereo jack


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