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Complete Curriculum Class Kit - Includes 15 x Raspberry Pi's

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£1,749.00 (excluding VAT)
£2,098.80 (including VAT)
in stock
Monitor(s) Included?:



* Whole class solution, intended for use alone or in pairs with a class of upto 30*

This Complete Curriculum Class Kit contains everything to get started with the Pi and complete 6 units of work.

You have the option to receive this with /without a set of 15 monitors.  Included monitors would be FULL HD, 21 inch monitor with VESA connection for the Pi to be mounted onto.  SUitable HDMI or DVI cable will be included for each monitor.  Exact monitor model may vary due to availability.

This includes a full set of teaching resources and Raspberry Pi's to help you deliver a comprehensive set of lessons based on 6 units of work, that cover almost all areas of the new computing curriculum.

It's an outstanding value bundle that enables you to get started quickly - and to show you how easy it is to fulfil the needs of the new Computing Curriculum at Key Stages 2 and 3.

  • 6 unique projects that have been designed to engage pupils by presenting them with real life scenarios
  •  Fully supports the new computing curriculum, with progression and differentiation built-in
  • Grab and go straight out of the box!
  • Lesson Objectives, Vocabulary, Introduction, Main Activities, Plenary, Resources and Health and Safety
  •  Helpsheet PDF contains over 60 pages of information about using your Raspberry Pi


1 X Raspberry Pi Model B+
1 X Power Supply
1 X Network cable & wireless USB device
1 X 8Gb pre-configured Educational micro SD card
1 X Cyntech Case
1 X Slimline keyboard & retractable mouse
1 X HDMI Cable
1 X Pibrella & 60cm Ribbon Cable Kit
1 X Educational Teaching Resources CD (Site licence)
1 X 6 Educational Kits (for teaching 6 units of work—traffic lights, secret codes, illusion spinners, buzz wire, burglar
alarm and quiz kits)
15 X Raspberry Pi Model B3 - Brand new in the box, the latest iteration of the Raspberry Pi

15 X Power Supply - 5 volts 2.5 amps power supply, tested for use with the Raspberry Pi

15 X Network cable - Allows you to choose which way you want your Pi connected to the internet (full guides available on teaching CD) 

15 X 8Gb pre-configured Educational micro SD card - Made especially for educational use, this card contains software to screen shot, boots straight to desktop and contains 'ReadOnly' Scratch projects for your pupils to view.

15 X Cyntech Clear Case, Vesa Mount & SD Cover - Case to put your Pi in, an SD cover to stop removal of SD Card, and a VESA mount so your Pi an be secured to back of monitor, out of harms way!

15 X Slimline keyboard & Retractable Mouse - Slim and small, for use with the Pi, tested by Wishtrac for compatibility and durability - Perfect for use in education

15 X 2M HDMI Cable - Cable sends both audio and video from your Raspberry Pi to a TV/Monitor with a HDMI Input.  Gold connectors for high quality connectivity

15 X Pibrella & 60cm Ribbon Cable Kit - Cable so that Pi can be kept in a secure case. Pibrella allows users to control 4 input and 4 output devices in the easiest possible way, made for education and very cost-effective.

1 X Educational Teaching Resources CD (Site licence)Contains helpsheets, medium term planning, lesson plans, worksheets, video guides and presentations for teaching 6 units of work with the Raspberry Pi

1 X Mega Value Educational Kit over 1500 components following our 6 teaching kits - Contains items listed below
  • Over 250 stickers sheets, labels and boxes
  • 30 buzzers
  • 30 motors, reducers, pulleys, wheels and clips
  • 30 Ultraviolet LEDs
  • 800 30cm jumper cables (400 red, 400 black)
  • 120 switches (assorted colours)
  • 240 LEDs (90 red, 60 yellow, 60 green, 30 white)
  • 30 Security Ultraviolet marker pens
  • 30 Surface Contact Alarm Sensors with sticky fixers
  • 15 buzz wire frames, hooks & wire
  • 15 sets of counters (red, amber, green)





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