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Bee-Bot Alphabet Mat

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Reinforce spelling and practice new words with the Bee-Bot Alphabet Mat.

This Bee-Bot Alphabet Mat is an excellent way to learn literacy and ICT skills through play.


75 x 90cm


Cross Curricular links

Literacy Year 1

  • Read and spell phonetically decidable two-syllable and three-syllable words


  • Recognise automatically an increasing number of familiar high frequency words.


Year 2

Spell with increasing accuracy and confidence, drawing on word recognition and knowledge or word structure, and spelling patters including common inflections and double letters.


  • Develop and record sequences of instructions to control the floor turtle.


  • Predict the result of a sequence of instructions and check their predictions by programming a floor turtle Mathematics.


  • Identify objects that turn about a point or about a line: recognise and make whole and half turns § Follow and give instructions involving position, direction and movement.


  • Recognise and use whole, half and quarter turns, both clockwise and anticlockwise: know that a right angle represents a quarter turn.


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