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Visually Impaired and Special Needs


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At Wishtrac we provide a range of aids for the visually imapired and those with special needs, such as stroke victims.

Following the guidelines set out by the RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People) we carry a selection of high visibility keyboards, of which the black model can be found here,  and the yellow model can be found here on our website.
The most popular of our keyboards which follows the guidelines set by the RNIB is our Large Lower Case keyboard, which can be found here. It is colour coded for ease of use for young children, but also has orange colouring on some of the keys to enable partially sighted people to use easily.

Our range of large key keyboards are suitable for people with special needs as they provide a large surface on each key making it easier to both distinguish the seperate keys, but also enabling those with poor fine motor skills to press the correct key.The large key keyboards come in a variety of styles suitable for all ages and needs.

For younger children we provide a colourful large lower case keyboard. This keyboard helps younger children use a keyboard as they're learning the alphabet by using lower case keys, and helps them distinguish between letters, numbers, punctuation and consonants and vowels by using different colours.

Using the same colour scheme, we provide a large upper case keyboard for older children or the visually impaired. This keyboard is suitable for both as it's bright colours both keep the attention of a child who may have difficulty using a standard keyboard or distinguishing between consonants and vowels, or who needs a simplified keyboard to help them concentrate. It is also suitable for visually impaired adults and children and it's bright, colourful keys make each key clear and easy to read.

The large key keyboards also come in white lower and upper case keyboards for those who just need a simplified large keyboard without the colourful keys. This is ideal for stroke victims and those with poor fine motor skills in the same way the colourful keyboards are, but are for those who don't need the colourful keys.

We also provide a special Trackball mouse for those with poor fine motor skills who may have trouble using a regular mouse. The mouse enables the user to control the mouse by using a mounted ball, making it easier for stoke victims and people with limited mobility to use the mouse with ease.