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Action for Children



During the coming year, the staff at Wishtrac will be raising money for 'Action for Children'.  If you wish to help us to raise money for this charity, please click below to make a donation. 




Action For Children: Helping the children who need it the most

Our aim is simple but ambitious – to help the UK’s most vulnerable children and young people achieve their full potential.  We were originally called the National Children’s Home (or NCH) until 2008 when we changed our name to one that better describes what we do and what we value – action for children.

 Today, we provide services to help children and young people: 

  • Whose families need support
  • Who cannot live with their birth families
  • Who are disabled
  • Who experience severe difficulties in their lives

 In October 2009 we launched our Neglect Appeal which aims to raise awareness and £17 million over the next three years for children affected by neglect.  Children like Emily:

 Emily’s Story

 “The house was filthy.  We was filthy.  There was wallpaper peeling off the walls.  The same bedding on the bed for months.  We were lucky if we got a bath once a fortnight.  We had nothing to eat.  It’s the emotional neglect that affects you more.  Action for Children has never given up on me.  They’re amazing – like a family.  They’ve believed in me and they’ve helped me achieve my full potential.”


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