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Developing Synthetic Phonics Skills with SEN Students

If you've got a child on the SEN register, getting a teaching assistant to work with them, 1 to 1, for 10 minutes one day might cost the school £1.50. Over a week, that's £7.50, or £300 per child per year.  And if you offer support for reading to 30 pupils, at ten minutes a day each, the total cost is approaching £9000.  And over three years, the cost is in excess of £25,000.

Booster Phonics is a software program designed specifically to help to improve the reading ability of children, and proven to be effective in schools.  The children can use the software independently each day for approximately 10 minutes, working on a wide range of activities that are personalised to their specific literacy needs. 

Booster Phonics is used in over 1000 schools throughout the country, and is available on 28 days' free approval, so you can look at the software before committing to making a purchase. 

And when you order Booster Phonics for your school, we'll include a free home user version of the software. 100% free. Keep it even if you decide to return the school version to us (though we're sure you'll love it!)

To watch a video outlining the software, or to request the networkable software on 28 days' free approval, please go to

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