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At Wishtrac, we stock a variety of butterfly garden that you can use at home or in school. Great fun for all ages.


For advice about keeping Butterflies in school, please go to our inthe Classroom.formation page about Butterflies in the Classroom.










  • £19.99 £13.99 Butterfly Garden
    Live Butterfly Garden   Real Butterfly Hatching Kit - brand new and boxed.  This is a live butterfly garden –a real butterfly hatching kit! Watch 5 Painted Lady butterflies gow from caterpillars...

  • £45.99 Class Butterfly Kit
      Let your entire class see their own real, live caterpillar grow and change into a beautiful butterfly, then after a few days, release the butterflies.  If you haven't seen this in your classroom before, youy...

  • £24.99 Butterfly Pavilion
    Watch real butterflies grow, then Let 'em Go!! The Butterfly Pavilion allows children to watch as ten Painted Lady caterpillars develop into beautiful butterflies. JN Contains a certificate for ten Painted...

  • £10.99 Live Butterfly Garden Refill Kit
      If you already have an Insect Lore Butterfly Garden, you can buy a second certificate so that you can order more caterpillars and grow more butterflies.  Once you have your certificate you can order the...

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