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Digital Microscopes


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Microscopes for Schools

We offer a range of computer microscopes which enable you to engage all pupils in a range of exciting activities, all of which can be displayed onto an interactive whiteboard for the whole class to see.

The microscopes are very simple to use, and give incredibly high quality, zoomed in images of any artefacts that you want to study, whether they be parts of plants, mini-beasts, a finger (print), a piece of material or even an old Victorian coin!

Not only do the microscopes add awe and wonder to any classroom, but they are designed for use by children, so are really simple to use.  The Easi-Scope microscope also comes in two versions, with one being wireless (the Easi-Scope 2) so that it can be carried around the classroom, still displaying images onto the whitebo ard at the front of the classroom!




Bulk-Purchase Discounts

At Wishtrac, we recognise that schools have many pressures on their budgets, so we've included a discount when you buy many of our digital microscopes in quantities of five or more.






  • £39.95 £37.99 Easi Scope
    Be amazed by how easy it is to use this digital microscope! This simple plug and play device attaches to your computer via a 1.3 metre USB cable and includes its own LED lighting system. Simply hold the Easi-Scope over the...

  • £69.95 £66.45 Easi Scope 2
    Easi-Scope 2 provides all the functionality of the Easi-Scope, but with the added flexibility of being wireless. With a range of up to 10 metres, the Easi-Scope 2 is a revolution in digital magnification. Indoors or out,...

  • £39.95 £37.95 Auto Focus Microscope
      A fantastic resource for younger children or for those who want to magnify objects instantly without having to use a focus dial to get the sharpest image! The Auto-Focus microscope is a simple plug and...

  • £83.95 £79.95 LCD Microscope with Screen
    With a built-in LCD screen, this all-in-one microscope and camera, is both handheld and portable, ensuring your magnified images can be seen on the go, whether in the classroom or out in the school gardens...

  • £209.95 £199.50 Rainbow Easi Scopes - Set of 6
    Easi-Scope is now available as a colourful set of 6, which helps you keep track of which children are using each microscope, easing classroom management.Rainbow Easi-Scope is child friendly and a great resource...

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