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Data Logging


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Data Logging in Schools 

The Log-Box is an ideal sensor for data-logging in schools, and comes complete with a Power Adaptor, USB cable, External Temperature probe, CD of Data-Disc software, User Manual and yellow plastic case.

Use the data logger for a wide range of Scientific experiements - measuring temperature, light or sound levels with the built in sensors.  The additional tempeerature sensor can be inserted into liquids, enabling you to track the temperature over a period of time as the liquid cools.

  • All the sensors are in-built (temperature, light and sound) and clearly labelled to avoid confusion
  • Specifically designed for small hands to hold easily
  • Robust design can withstand outdoor fieldwork
  • Neck strap to free up hands
  • Recordings are easy to view and read with software
  • Choose how data is displayed in graph, bar chart, chart or table formats
  • Information can be downloaded via USB
  • Low Price
  • Save money when you buy in bulk
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  • £125.00 £119.99 EasySense Vu+ Data Logger
      ASE Evaluated Product  The English National Curriculum states that pupils should ‘work scientifically’ by ‘taking measurements, using a range of scientific equipment,...

  • £89.95 £85.49 Log-Box (Log Box)
          Log-Box is the ultimate in user-friendly, cost-effective data logging technology.  Featuring a sleek, compact design, Log-Box includes three clearly labelled built-in sensors for temperature,...

  • £20.99 £19.95 IR Thermometer
    Infra red, battery powered thermometer, for accurate non-contact temperature readings. Simply point at the area you wish to read and the thermometer will take a measurement. Great for a variety of science ...

  • £69.95 £66.95 Speed Trackers
    An innovative new resource that will allow children, students, athletes, scientists, anyone... to calculate an average speed. How fast can you run over 20m? Can you walk at 4 mph? Developed alongside...

  • £37.95 Easi Pulse Oxiometer
    A brand new revolutionary pulse data logger! It can be used as a stand alone pulse meter or attached, via, USB to the computer, using the software provided. When away from the computer the brightly coloured...

  • £85.49 Rechargeable Stopwatches
    This pack of 12 brightly coloured rechargeable stopwatches with charging station is ideal for foundation through to KS3.Research showed a sway of teacher disappointment at having to discard stopwatches once...

  • £14.95 £9.49 Log-Box Activities Book
    An excellent reference resource filled with over 25 ready-to-go ideas for using your Log-Box in the context of the school setting. Laid out in a super accessible format, this will inspire any teacher, novice or...

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