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Triqo Construction Sets


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Triqo Constructiochildren.jpgn Sets


Triqo is an exciting construction range made of strong and flexible material, designed and developed in Holland.  It is designed and developed to meet the demanding requirements of children and the modern classroom, helping teachers and children alike in the quest for knowledge and understanding.

With Triqo, you can build a range of exciting and colourful three dimensional constructions, the only limit is the extent of your imagination!  Build houses, flowers, masks or birds!  With the 10 cheerful colours you can make your own Triqo masterpieces!

The Triqo product has been developed over many years, and is recognised as a very useful addition in many areas of the curriculum. 


You can buy Triqo in different quantities and packages, and add additional packs to your collection over time.  The Triqo construction kits are based around two simple shapes, the square and the triangle, which can be combined to make all sorts of creations!




2012 Independent Toy Awards

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