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Keyboards for Schools

Here at wishtrac, we aim to provide the best products for your needs.
This is especially true when it comes to our selection of keyboards, as there are many different requirements to be considered. We provide a range of Early Years, SEN and high visibility keyboards, to ensure you can choose the most suitable keyboard for your requirements.





Bulk-Purchase Discounts

At Wishtrac, we recognise that schools have many pressures on their budgets, so we've included a discount when you buy many of our keyboards in quantities of five or more.





Buyers Guide to Keyboards

Click here to see a detailed Buyers's Guide, if you are considering purchasing keyboards for your school.












  • £14.99 Large, Lower Case Keyboard
     Product currently unavailable until further notice   This lower case keyboard is ideal for younger children, featuring a simplified layout with just 63 keys, rather than the standard 105. The keys are...

  • £11.99 Lower & Upper Case Keyboard
        Key Features Lower and Upper Case Keys Suitable for children of all ages Bright and child-friendly Standard keyboard layout Colour-coded keys (numbers, letters, punctuation) Ideal for young...

  • £27.99 Accuratus Lower Case Colour Keyboard
      This lower case keyboard is ideal for younger children, featuring a simplified layout with and colour-coded keys. The keys are larger (about twice the area of standard keys), and colour coded, identifying...

  • £27.99 Accuratus Hi Vis Yellow Keyboard
      This keyboard is ideal for those with impaired vision, as it features high contrast yellow keys on a black background, and also features larger keys than a standard keyboard. The keyboard also features a...

  • £19.99 High Visibility Keyboard (Yellow)
      Key Features USB and PS/2 connections High visibility Suitable for the visually impaired All the functionality of a standard keyboard This keyboard has all the functions of a normal keyboard, but is...

  • £34.97 £29.95 Infant Computer Bundle
    Great for Early Years and Infant Computers, this bundle features really child-friendly products: Keyboard with Colourful, LOWER CASE keys - great for children who don't know capital letters yet! Robust, Volume Limiting...

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