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Speaking and Listening


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Using Technology in Speaking and Listening

The Easi-Speak is a simple to use MP3 recorder, which can be used anywhere to record sounds, interviews by roving reporters, budding singing stars, sounds effects etc., and can be used to play back the sounds too!

 Connecting to a PC via USB, the sounds can then be added to presentations or video footage, for example.

  • Child-friendly colours
  • Clear and bright buttons
  • Built in rechargeable battery
  • 128MB built in memory that can record up to 4 hours (high quality sound)
  • Low Price
  • Save money when you buy in bulk

 The Easi-Speak Sound Station can be used with the Easi-Speak to play back the sound files for the whole class to listen.




Bulk-Purchase Discounts

At Wishtrac, we recognise that schools have many pressures on their budgets, so we've included a discount when you buy many of our speaking and listening products in quantities of five or more.











  • £399.95 £379.98 Easi Ears Digital Audio System
    Shortlisted for a BETT Award 2012 - Digital Devices category Easi-Ears, a new digital audio system designed for primary schools an nurseries. Comprising of a set of six different coloured headphones, remote control...

  • £22.95 £18.99 Easi-Speak Docking Station
    Easi-Speak docking station which is charged from a wall socket rather than your computer! The docking station will charge up to 6 Easi-Speaks or 6 Easi-Speak Pro's, or either a mixture of the two! (Easi-Speak's...

  • £239.95 £224.95 Rainbow Easi Speak 6 Pack with Docking Station
    These MP3 Recorders are great for building confidence in reluctant talkers and enable settings to add some vibrant colours into their recordings, observations and assessments. Attractively designed as a microphone and...

  • £49.95 £47.45 Recordable Sound Panel
      A great quality auditory bar which comes complete with recordable buttons. Easy to assemble and the buttons are easily removed to change visuals and recordings. Play back 10 seconds of sound on each...

  • £47.45 Talk Time Big-Point pack of 6
    This rainbow set of 6 Big Points is ideal for speaking and listening.  Each records and plays back 30 seconds of sound. With a removable clear top you can create pictures, symbols, numbers or letters to match...

  • £274.99 Speaking & Listening ICT Kit
      This great value kit features a wide range of speaking & listening products, including recordable postcards, Easi-Speaks, Talking Points and talking photo albums.Full contents:• A6 Talking...

  • £199.95 £189.95 ClassCast
    TTS ClassCast is our very own innovative way to share audio in the classroom. With TTS ClassCast you can wirelessly transmit audio from virtually any device! Simply connect the device to the transmitter and the...

  • £99.95 £94.95 Wireless Outdoor Speaker
    Perfect for outdoor story or rhyme time in your own enchanted garden. - Bluetooth connectivity lets you link up to your phone or tablet and stream sound directly to it from up to 10cm away.- Connecting is easy -...

  • £32.99 Easi-Speak Microphone in Yellow
    Also available in Black! Winner ERA Award 2009 - Innovation  Winner of a GOLD Practical Pre-School Award 2008   With our new Easi-Speak MP3 microphone/recorder you can record voices, sounds or music on...

  • £32.99 Easi-Speak Microphone in Black
    Also available in Yellow! Winner ERA Award 2009 - Innovation Winner of a GOLD Practical Pre-School Award 2008 With our new Easi-Speak MP3 microphone/recorder you can record voices, sounds or music on the move...

  • £39.95 £37.99 Easi-Speak Pro
          With children aged 9 and above, the Easi-Speak Pro has been designed following teachers feedback, and has a sleek and stylish design for older children.   The Easi-Speak Pro has additional...

  • £59.95 £56.95 Easi Listener CD Player
      This six port CD player allows groups of children to listen to music or other audio without interruption. Comes with built-in 3.5mm connections for up to six headphones so splitters are no longer...

  • £4.99 £0.49 Easi-Speak Decorative Trims - Set of 5
    Help identify your different Easi-Speaks with this set of 5 colourful trims. Great for group work!

  • £24.95 £23.95 Easi-Speak Sound Station
       This great audio device lets you connect via the Easi-Speak headphone socket and play back your contents to a group or classroom. The Sound Station is fully rechargeable and portable with its integrated handle...

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