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Digital Microscopes


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Digital Microscopes for Schools

At Wishtrac, we stock a range of digital microscopes that are suitable for young children.




Bulk-Purchase Discounts

At Wishtrac, we recognise that schools have many pressures on their budgets, so we've included a discount when you buy many of our digital microscopes in quantities of five or more.





  • £39.95 £37.99 Easi Scope
    Be amazed by how easy it is to use this digital microscope! This simple plug and play device attaches to your computer via a 1.3 metre USB cable and includes its own LED lighting system. Simply hold the Easi-Scope over the...

  • £69.95 £66.45 Easi Scope 2
    Easi-Scope 2 provides all the functionality of the Easi-Scope, but with the added flexibility of being wireless. With a range of up to 10 metres, the Easi-Scope 2 is a revolution in digital magnification. Indoors or out,...

  • £52.95 £49.95 Digiscope
      Taking the ordinary microscope and making it extraordinary! The Digiscope is a 3 in 1 microcope that is incredible value for money whilst being accessible for all age groups. The microscope can be used as...

  • £39.95 £37.95 Auto Focus Microscope
      A fantastic resource for younger children or for those who want to magnify objects instantly without having to use a focus dial to get the sharpest image! The Auto-Focus microscope is a simple plug and...

  • £83.95 £79.95 LCD Microscope with Screen
    With a built-in LCD screen, this all-in-one microscope and camera, is both handheld and portable, ensuring your magnified images can be seen on the go, whether in the classroom or out in the school gardens...

  • £209.95 £199.50 Rainbow Easi Scopes - Set of 6
    Easi-Scope is now available as a colourful set of 6, which helps you keep track of which children are using each microscope, easing classroom management.Rainbow Easi-Scope is child friendly and a great resource...

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